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Posted by: an okie gardener
Charles Krauthammer has a brilliant column, in the Washington Post, even by his own high standards.
Category: Politics
Posted by: A Waco Farmer
Initial Reaction to the Speech:

Very good. Not perfect--but a home run, nevertheless.

The tearjerker Kennedy reference was gratuitous--but the punchline was vintage Obama and a reminder that this guy is still plenty potent. Obama delivered in the final moments in a big way. He is a money player. We underestimate him at our own peril.

The faux conciliation and bipartisanship was disingenuous and continues to grow very thin--but it is still reasonably effective. The mainstream media will report the President's willingness to work with the opposition--and, when it doesn't happen, the MSM will dutifully report Republican bad faith.

Yelling at the President from the floor made me very uncomfortable. On one hand, it represents a lack of respect for this inexperienced politician who suddenly seems vulnerable. On the other hand, this demonstration of incivility could very easily break against Republicans and generate sympathy for the President. This is the President!!!

Low point: when he said he would be the last president to deal with health care. I was stunned. Does he really believe he will craft a solution that solves the problem in perpetuity? Or is he predicting that he will be the last president of the United States?

Bottom Line: Republicans have enjoyed a fairly carefree summer in which we dreamed big dreams about reasserting our former dominance--now school is back in session. The President is back--and he looks ready to rumble.