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If I Were the King of the Sports World--(to the tune of If I Were the King of the Forest).

Major League Baseball:

[1] Random, unannounced, year-round drug tests on all players, majors and minors; one full season suspension for a failed test, lifetime ban for two positive tests; draft penalties for franchises with more than two players testing positive in a year. I might need to break the Players Union to do this, but so be it.

[2] The Major-League season goes to 154 regular season games. The world series must be over before October 20. The season may not start any earlier than it does now. Figure it out.

[3] All stadiums must be natural grass by 2020. Figure it out.

[4] All bats must be wooden, till the end of time.

[5] No designated hitter, ever again.

[6] Salary caps per team, to be negotiated. Hiring a Free Agent will require a cash payment to the former team.

[7] Each team must play at least 40 day games at home per regular season.

[8] Each major-league team must have a bleacher section seating at least 300 priced at no more than $5 per ticket.

[9] Each team must provide adequate security, including arrests by uniformed officers of serious troublemakers. One arrest results in a ban the rest of the season. The second arrest bans the offender from stadium for two consecurive full-seasons after the season in which the offense occurs. Three strikes and the ban is lifetime.

[10] All World-Series games will be day games.
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The summer of '75 I listened a lot to the band Spirit. I am not sure why. In the '70s I was even more into jazz than I am now, and I remain a huge fan. But, a friend turned me on to Spirit, a band described in enotes as

Beginning in one of the most fertile periods of American rock music, Spirit created some of the most memorable music of the past three decades, outlasting many pop music trends along the way. With its eclectic musical mix of rock, jazz, blues, and folk influences, Spirit was one of the premier West Coast rock bands to emerge during the late 60s. Although the band never reached superstar status, it has maintained a dedicated following. Spirit's musical activities came to a premature and tragic end with the accidental death of leader and guitarist Randy California in 1997.

One of the reasons they "never achieved superstar status" was a management decision to send them on a tour of radio stations instead of to play Woodstock.

Some clips from YouTube, listening to them I have '70s flashbacks:

Fresh Garbage one of their earliest songs, and Taurus


Nature's Way

Mr. Skin

Spirit: The Video History, Part 1