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Programming Note:

The good folks from Political Vindication Radio have invited me to kick around some political issues on their internet radio show (listen here).

Please tune in tonight at 6:00 Pacific. It is always a good time to talk with Frank and Shane.
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Happy Monday.

While I make no promises to get to any of these items this week, here is a brief (and undoubtedly incomplete) list of a few topics that demand closer attention:

1. In the midst of the Rev. Wright firestorm, we neglected to notice last week that Hillary Clinton enthusiastically issued a final and irrevocable pledge to abandon the mission in Iraq. Aimed at appeasing the "nutroots" of her party, Mrs. Clinton offered another more definitive olive branch to the radical anti-war Democratic base, as she girded up for the final charge of Campaign 2008.

The bad news: this means that the Democratic Party, no matter the nominee, will be irretrievably invested in defeat in Iraq. The equally dismal corollary: the mainstream media, firmly invested in the Democratic candidate, will possess a keen interest in portraying Iraq as a chaotic failure. Expect the fairly optimistic coverage (or lack of Iraq coverage) to fade--and prepare for a new burst of energy in spreading the word that all hope for success in Iraq has died.

The sober four-thousand-dead milepost is a convenient event on which to inaugurate the new storyline.

2. Rush Limbaugh and his so-called Operation Chaos is an embarrassment. The plan, which calls for "ditto-heads" to register as Democrats and vote for Hillary to throw the Democratic process into chaos, 1) makes a mockery of the democratic process; 2) makes us look like we hate Democrats more than we love America; and 3) cannot possibly achieve any of the ends desired.

In fact, the strategy will eventually be used against Hillary Clinton in the attempt to solidify the nomination for Barack Obama ("do you want to let Rush Limbaugh pick your nominee?"), and it will also give the Democrats a delicious grievance (election sabotage, "dirty tricks") around which to rally in the fall. Even worse, it just feels wrong (and dumb). Why so gleefully give our opponents the moral high ground? Bad karma. Rush should watch more Carson Daly.

3. That well-known racist and purveyor of McCarthyism, Bill Clinton, is at it again. I never thought I would feel sorry for Clinton-42--but this guy just can't buy a break from the Obama-crazed, formerly Bill-protecting, liberal media.

4. In a related matter, in our rush to nail Obama and the preacher, have conservatives missed an historic opportunity to renegotiate the toxic rules of engagement concerning public discourse and race in our political culture?

With great hope, I present this tentative agenda....
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A Waco Farmer will be away from the Bosque for a few days. I have asked Tocqueville to keep us entertained and stimulated over the weekend. I leave us in good hands.

UPDATE: Tocqueville is having some technical difficulties obtaining access to the Blog, so stay tuned. . . .