More comments on the all-night Senate debate over the Reed-Levin amendment; Wednesday, AM:

Good Morning America. The Senate did it. Bully for them. They debated a serious issue over night, calling America's attention to the most crucial decision of our generation.

Is that what Harry Reid intended? Yes and No.

Some random thoughts:

I did not watch the full proceedings over night. I slept some. But I left C-SPAN2 on all night, and I would wake up and groggily listen to various senators speaking to this national decision (Orin Hatch, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, etc.). Good for them.

Of the speeches I actually watched, Tom Coburn was the surprise of the night. He was low key and thoughtful, admitting mistakes--but asking the only pertinent question: What Now?

Coburn did not allude to this famous assertion, but I was reminded of then-Secretary of State Collin Powell's famous caution to the President: "You break it; you own it."

At this point, taking into account all our mistakes, what are our responsibilities to the people of Iraq, the people of the Middle East and the citizens of the world?

What are our moral obligations?

The Reed-Levin supporters continue to assert that this withdrawal plan is our best bet to secure peace and stability in Iraq. But, as John McCain asked yesterday afternoon: "if retreat does not work, what is Plan B?"

For the most part, with very few exceptions, the GOP speeches struck me as uninspired. The Democrats cornered the market on glee and enthusiasm for the rhetoric of this debate. My hunch is that the Democrats are certain that they are on a roll. On the other hand, the Republicans are convinced this is a political loser. Most likely, these seasoned political hands have it right.

Back to Coburn: he came up with the best metaphor of the night. Coburn, the physician, depicted Iraq as a cancer patient that could be saved--but the treatment seemed too rigorous and painful; therefore, weary, frustrated and slightly irrational, we are ready to let the patient die. Powerful.

More to come...