From the June 13 edition of USA Today. The headline above the fold on the first page of section D seems even-handed: God and Gays: Churchgoers stand divided. Even the first sentence of the article shows no bias--"Every Sunday there's an intense struggle in the souls of some believers as one religious denomination after another battles over the rights and roles of homosexuals." But, (cont.)

But, the single picture under the headline begins to give away the perspective of the reporter, Cathy Lynn Grossman. It shows a pensive man in front of a church window with the caption "Discouraged Episcopalian: Jim Cullion pulled back from attending Trinity Church in Boston because it didn't support same-sex unions in Massachusetts." Why not two pictures? This one, and another of a person upset that his/her church supported same-sex unions.

The writer's perspective comes out clearly after a few paragraphs when the specific examples of church members experiencing "intense struggle." First, The Rev. Jo Gayle Hudson, a practicing lesbian who lost her position in the Methodist Church and is now a UCC pastor. Then, on the continueing page, sympathetic pictures and stories in boxes of four "struggling" church members--Hudson, Cullion, plus Barbara Brown Taylor, and Brian Flanagan. All struggling to move their denominations into acceptance of same-sex practices and unions. (Although in the case of the UCC, the denomination has already done so.) No stories of those struggling to maintain traditional Christian teaching. A nice editorial in the form of a news article.