Barack Obama speaks today, March 18, 2008, "A More Perfect Union."

Uncollected Thoughts:

11:30 a.m. CST. Although I have not seen the speech, the early reviews are strong.

From a learned friend (ftr: I don't think he reads the blog):

"Did you happen to watch the speech Obama just gave to address his relationship with his preacher? It was a hell of a speech. He addressed not only black anger but also white resentment and the historical roots of both. I really like this guy, and I think itís primarily because I perceive him to be honest about the issues that really matter and to speak sincerely about them. Iím sure his politics are different from you, but do you get that same vibe from him? That heís honest and sincere, even if he perceives the nationís problems and their solutions differently than you do?"

That is good news for Obama.

When I read the speech (and watch the video), I will be looking for two things:

1. Did he address the fundamental logistical and legalistic issues of what did he know and when did he know it? Did he present a plausible defense on the main charge?

2. Did he offer a speech and performance captivating enough to encourage his admirers to disregard the specifics and continue to believe in the magic?

Number Two may be the more important question.

I will report back when I know more....