Some facts in brief:

If you do not vote for John McCain in the upcoming fall election, you are voting for Barack Obama.

Principled conservatives who are too pure to vote for John McCain--and prefer to cast a protest vote for some other irrelevant blowhard--are voting for Barack Obama.

Frustrated and alienated conservatives who too distraught over the lack of a "conservative" choice--and choose to stay home--are voting for Barack Obama.

Just as every citizen who did not vote for George H.W. Bush in 1992 (and I know so many of you had reasons that struck you as fully justified at the time) voted for Bill Clinton, any person who does not vote for John McCain in 2008 is actively voting for Barack Obama.

Bottom line: any American who offers less than full support for the Republican ticket owns every single policy and decision of the Obama administration.

Get over yourself and get in the game. There is too much at stake to act out of narrow self-interested principle.