Approximately fifteen years ago, back during the waning days of the George H. W. Bush (41) presidency, back when the glow of the great victory over Saddam was dimming, and the remaining intractable challenges of the Middle East were re-emerging, I remember a cartoon:

The political cartoon, and I don't remember the artist, pictured the administration as a football team with President Bush as the quarterback, and his Secretary of State, James A. Baker, the running back. The cartoon depicted the moment following a straight-ahead dive into a brick wall labeled "Peace in the Middle East." Baker has had his bell rung, stars are circling his helmet, which has been knocked askew.

Surveying the field, and to the disbelief of the rest of the team (especially the running back), the QB says: "Same play guys!"

When I think of George W. Bush (43) and his insistence on bringing back the immigration reform, I think of that cartoon--only this time, the future of the Republican Party is carrying the ball.

As I have said for several weeks (and this coming from a conservative who is extremely liberal on immigration):

I am increasingly of the opinion, for reasons of political survival, that the President and his coterie of GOP pragmatists should pull the plug on this immigration offensive, retreat and regroup.

We (America) have a serious problem, which we are not addressing. Instead, we (conservatives) are having an internecine bloodletting in which too many of the most severe national challenges are obscured by pernicious abstractions. Although it is in our power to come up with something workable, I fear that we are more likely to do nothing, perpetuating the status quo that brought us our current crisis, beating ourselves into critical condition in the process.

What is the President up against? Today the brick wall is the core constituency of the Republican Party: Cultural Conservatives.

Please consider this email I received from a dear and sincere friend and patriotic American (who clearly does not read my blog):

Quoting a concerned American:

"Forward this to


"Then go find your senators website contact page, copy and paste the following list. And of course send it John McCain.

"To: President George W. Bush, (or Senator ...)

"Where’s the fence????????

"As a concerned citizen, I believe illegal immigration is a national security crisis of the highest order and also poses a long-term threat to the American way of life. I am calling on Congress and the President to:

"#1 -- Secure our borders. As first priority, America must stop the flow of illegal immigration by investing all necessary resources in securing our borders. Also, existing immigration laws must be enforced as an essential component of our Homeland Security.

"#2 -- No Amnesty. I oppose any form of amnesty for illegal aliens, including the “temporary worker” proposal or any proposals that grant legal residency status or citizenship to illegal aliens.

"Aggressive deportation. Immediate investment in aggressive effort to deport the 12 million illegal immigrants currently within our borders – if you’re caught, you are sent back.

"No benefits. Erect a wall of separation between illegal aliens (and their children) and tax-dollar paid benefits reserved for U.S. citizens and legal aliens. I support H.R. 418 that prohibits illegal aliens from being issued drivers licenses and prevents terrorists from abusing the asylum laws of the United States.

"No work. Stricter punishment of U.S. businesses that knowingly employ illegal aliens. Establish national database of legal immigrants to assist both public and private sectors in this effort.

"English first. Legislation that establishes English as the required and preeminent language throughout the United States. Public and private sectors cannot be required to provide services in alternative languages.

"No Birthright Citizenship. Illegals flood to the U.S. simply to have babies—which are then granted citizenship. Changing the current law is certain to curtail the illegal traffic."

Me again: Mr. President: That brick wall is not getting tired. Let's come up with a new play.