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Democrats claim that under the Bush administration America has lost standing with the rest of the world. I wonder who, exactly, they are talking about. Voters in Germany and France have elected leaders who support U.S. policy. Great Britain still does, though not as vocally as under Tony Blair. And now Denmark has re-elected pro-U.S. Prime Minister Fogh Rasmussen. Story here on Gateway Pundit. Meanwhile several Eastern European nations would like U.S. NATO forces based in their countries.
Another product with dangers; and this goes beyond lead paint in toys.

VIRUS: Investigators say the tainted Maxtor portable hard disc, made by Seagate, uploads information saved on the computer automatically to Web sites in Beijing

Buy an external hard drive, have your data sent to websites in China. Just great. Why do we still have open free trade with these *ssh*l*s?

Post on Wizbang with links. The quotation above from the Taipei Times. (It is in English so click no if asked to install language packet.)