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Somebody explain to me why we trade with these belligerent a***o*e*.
More evidence for those who might still need it, that the Cuban people live under tyranny. Cuban blogger threatened. Free speech must be powerful indeed since all tyrants fear it.
Police have arrested about 26 members of the violent criminal gang known as MS-13, based in El Salvador. Story here.

This last paragraph makes another case for border control.

Many of the defendants were in the United States illegally, and two were additionally charged with re-entering the country unlawfully after having been deported, the DOJ statement said.

In other news, according to this story, the Interior Department has stated that Mexican drug smugglers have made some areas on the U.S. side of the border unsafe.
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The Indian Army so far is responding non-violently to Chinese border incursions, forming human chains by having men link arms so that Chinese troops cannot simply walk over the border. And, the Indian Army is taking more serious steps such as deploying artillery.

Full story from The Times of India.
China has stepped up its incursions into Indian territory. Here, from The Times of India.

And, we are not the only ones the Chinese are targeting with cyber-warfare. India reports daily attacks. Story here.

So what? This is the what. First, we must judge a country's intentions in the world by what it does, not be its rhetoric. China is showing itself to be something of a bully, shoving its weight around its area of the world. The question for us is this: what will it do when it feels itself stronger?

Second: India is a natural ally for us, much more so than many nations. It also is a democracy, has some Anglo institution from the British, and is a force in the marketplace.
Gateway Pundit has two posts worth reading this morning: one notes that Bush is not being greeted by mobs of American hating Europeans, the other that today is the anniversary of Reagan's "tear down this wall" speech.

It is worth remembering that when our media tells us how much the world hates us, they usually are referring to the elites. It also is worth remembering that the right person at the right time can change history.
Three cheers for the Irish. They have defeated the Lisbon Treaty. The Lisbon Treaty was a back-door effort to impose the EU on the nations of Europe after the earlier EU Constitution was defeated. Since all 27 nations must approve the Treaty for it to take effect, this should kill it. Though it does not pay to assume that the political elites will play by the rules.

A major problem with the EU is that it shifts power from local nations and communities to a bureacratic elite not accountable to voters. It also makes EU law superior to national and local laws. Its justice system was to be based on Napoleanic Code, which would mean the loss of the rights and liberties of the Anglo-American tradition such as presumption of innocence.

The Irish were the only nation to put the Treaty to the voters. Other nations approved it in other ways, most of them knowing that public opinion was against the Treaty.

God bless the Irish.

Full story from The Telegraph.
For the full Report, go here. (This year's report has more color and graphics and so loads more slowly than past reports.)

The worst nation offenders (Tier 3) are Algeria, Burma, Cuba, Fiji, Iran, Kuwait, Moldovia, North Korea, Oman, Papua New Guinea, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria.

Interesting that 8 countries out of 14 in this tier have Muslim governments. Communist dicatorships account for 2 more. And Burma, with its now infamous military dictatorship.
See this interview. Infidel Bloggers' Alliance has excerpts and a link to MEMRI.