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Throughout the war in Iraq the best reporting on the ground has come through the blogosphere from military personel or independent bloggers who traveled to Iraq. Here is a report from Armed and Curious that tells a powerful story. Link from Instapundit.

I know that a lot of Monday-morning quarterbacking has criticized the U.S. military for disbanding the Iraqi Army almost immediately, and building another from scratch: a time consuming process that may indeed have left a power vacuum. But, there is all the difference in the world between an army that has been the support for a tryant and an army committed to democracy and human rights. In the long run, I think we did the right thing in building a new Iraqi Army.
Brits at their Best excerpts and links to this essay by David Pryce-Jones on the arrogent, undemocratic, liberty-destroying, actions of the European political class in pushing ahead with the EU even after the people have spoken against it. Evidently the voice of the hoi poloi means nothing to the MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE in their home in Brussels.

And to think that some American politicians (read DEMOCRATS) want us to become more like Europe.
The terrorists know how to use the institutions of the West against us, including the courts.

Those imams who were thrown off an airplane a while back for suspicious activity are in a lawsuit against the airline. And now, in discovery, they want detailed information on the airline's security procedures. Here.

Powerline has been on top of the story from the beginning.

And here. Search the Powerline site for other stories.

Will our present mindset turn the Constitution into a suicide pact?
Bronislaw Geremek, a pivotal figure in the fight to end Communist rule in Poland and one of the leading statesmen of the democratic era that followed, died on Sunday. He was 76.

Story here, from the NYT.

RIP, say hello to President Reagan for us.

British pupils stymied by chemistry quiz questions from the 1960s. Story here. From The Mail.
This is what happens when the checks on power are gone. The unscrupulous grab power and keep it by whatever means they choose. Without an armed citizenry it can happen anywhere.

And notice China's role.

Story from The Mail Online. Link from Last of the Few .
In an earlier post, I raised the question as to whether speculation in oil futures were at least partly to blame for high oil prices.

This article affirms that it is.