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Now its coffee products and candy that are being recalled. Story here.

If there is a free society in existence in 500 years, I predict lots of dissertations in economics, political science, history, and ethics, debating why the U.S. allowed China to become its number one source of most everything.

I have never been a conspiracy theorist explaining world events in terms of the Tri-Lateral Commission, or the Masons, or the Illuminati, or Zionists. But I am edging closer to the conclusion that some world events are controlled by multinational corporations accountable to no one but themselves and interested only in profits.
China is creating a new African empire. And it seems to be worse than the European ones of the past.

From Peter Hitchens in The Mail: How China Has Created a New Slave Empire in Africa.

Someone explain to me again, why do we trade with these bastards?
Poison Toothpast. Baby Formula Causes Kidney Stones. These and many other headlines have this in common: they refer to Made in China goods.

Now, chairs and sofas that can cause eczema. Article here.

Would someone please explain to me again, why do we trade with these folks making dangerous products? Why do we help support their murderous, aggressive government by enriching their nation?
For my money, Michael Yon is doing the best reporting from on the ground in Afghanistan. Here is his report on the successful transport of a large electrical generating turbine.