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09/10: More Jazz

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Instapundit links to an Amazon promotion listing "1000 Recordings to Hear Before You Die."

Here is their choice of 133 jazz recordings.

Of course I have some quibbles: Light as a Feather to represent the work of Chick Correa? Give me a break.

A serious, serious omission: John Coltrane Complete 1961 Village Vanguard Recordings. Even though this music was recorded 47 years ago, it still sounds like its coming at you from the future. I don't mean "futuristic" in the sense of gimmicks; I mean a body of work so complex and complete, so perfect, that it transcends simple chronology to achieve the timelessness of a true masterpiece. I have posted on this recording before.
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A while back I did a post on the greatest jazz drummer of all time, the man many regard as simply the best drummer ever--Buddy Rich.

And now, as a break from politics, a few of the other greats, men who deserve to be mentioned in the same post as Mr. Rich.

Gene Krupa. When Buddy Rich was young, Krupa was the man he was measured against. Krupa biography. The man helped develop the modern drum set or drum kit, and created the definitive role for the drummer within a jazz orchestra. The Gene Krupa Band in a 1941 movie; yes, that trumpet soloist was black--Krupa integrated his band much earlier than most. If "Drum Boogie" does not make you want to get up and swing dance, then check your pulse. The Gene Krupa Quartet, "Swing, Swing, Swing." And finally, Gene and Buddy go stick-to-stick.

Louis Bellson. Biography. You have perhaps heard of his wife, Pearl Bailey. Though overshadowed by Krupa and Rich, both men admired Belson. In fact, during a hospitalization Rich asked Belson to fill in for him. The Louis Belson Band. (Yes, a jazz drummer is not great unless he can lead a band.) A drum solo. And, Bellson and Rich mano-y-mano.

Billy Cobham. Biography. Born in Panama, the only one of these drummers who could step over to play rock and fusion when he chose. With Ron Carter and Herbie Hancock doing traditional jazz combo work. In a fusion mood.

There are very good young drummers out there today, catch a listen to Dave Weckl, for example; jazz replenishes itself each generation. These four are the O.D.'s, the Original Drummers whose influence continues.
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British model Lily Cole posing for the French edition of Playboy. My problem is with the cover: Cold has a very young looking face (she is 20) and is posing with a large teddy bear and has her hair in pigtails.

She is participating in the ongoing sexualization to men of young girls.

Maybe we are hard-wired before birth with certain sexual proclivities.

But, as an historian I know that sexual stimuli preference has differed from culture to culture. Men of some cultures commonly have regarded girls as young as 9 or 10 as sexual objects of desire. Men of some cultures have regarded boys, but not men, as objects of sexual desire. These variations in addition to the fat versus thin, etc.

In other words, speaking historically, it seems that our culture shapes what we perceive as sexy and what we do not.

Western Culture is now teaching men to regard younger and younger women as sexual creatures.

I remember the Bible saying something about the nations that forget God being cast into hell.