You probably have read articles like this one from the Chicago Sun-Times.

"Titanic" director James Cameron has produced a new documentary for the Discovery Channel in which archeologists claim to have discovered the tomb of Jesus Christ and his family -- including Mary Magdalene

Or heard reports in the media. Some background from the same article:

The documentary, directed by Simcha Jacobovici, claims that 10 ossuaries -- small limestone coffins into which bones were placed a year after a first-century Jew had died -- found in Jerusalem in 1980 contained remains of Jesus and members of his family -- including Magdalene, whom they say was Jesus' wife.

One of the ossuaries is inscribed with the name Jesus, another "Judah son of Jesus," and a third with the name "Mariamene," the moniker used to identify Mary Magdalene in early Christian texts, Jacobovici said Monday at a press conference in New York. The filmmaker says DNA testing showed that Mariamene's ossuary contained the remains of a woman who was not related to Jesus, and therefore likely was his spouse.

The Discovery Channel is to air Cameron's documentary Sunday night at 9pm ET. Link to the promotional material here.

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