Muslim spokesmen (I wonder who elected these guys) rave against "Islamophobia" at every opportunity. Nevermind that the terrorists who are coming after us these days proclaim that they do it in the name of Islam for the glory of Allah. But if the Muslims in America really want to be viewed as fellow citizens, then they must start driving the extremists and terrorists from their midst.

Case in point:

Regarding the recent raids in New York and investigations in Colorado said to have prevented another 9/11 scale attack: the big fish seems to have gotten away. The New York Post explains why

The FBI, meanwhile, is furious with the NYPD for bungled intelligence gathering that tipped off Najibullah that he was under surveillance, sources said.

Federal agents working with the Joint Terrorism Task Force asked their NYPD counterparts to discreetly gather intel on Najibullah.

Rather than slyly contact their list of sources and informants the NYPD canvassed the suspectís old Flushing neighborhood and flashed around his picture.

Eventually the imam of the Masjid Hazrat Abu Bakr Islamic Center learned of the investigation and contacted the manís family to let them know that he was subject of a law enforcement inquiry.

While most of the media attention has explicitly or implicitly criticized the NYPD for its heavy-handed investigation, I think the real subjects for criticism are the Muslim community in Queens.

a. A cell operated in their midst for some time. Given the NYPD bulletins to be alert for strange odors and window fans [bomb making? chemical weapons?], it seems that the neighbors of the cell members should have guessed something bad was going down and acted accordingly.

b. The big fish was tipped off by a local imam through the suspects family.

Way to help Americans trust Muslims there folks.