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In the last few years Jerry Falwell and D. James Kennedy both have died. Pastors of large churches, Baptist and Presbyterian (PCA) respectively, they were culture warriors on the national scene. Fighting for a "Christian America" on every front, including political, future historians will be assessing the impact of these men, and the New Religious Right, for years to come.

Their churches, and many of the ministries they started continue, though with changes.

Controversy at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church from the South Florida Sun-Sentinal.

The two sons of Jerry Falwell now lead Thomas Road Baptist Church and Liberty University. From USA TODAY.

While these two articles point out some of the changes made under the leadership of Jonathan Falwell at Thomas Road, Jerry Falwell at Liberty, and Tullian Tchividjian at Coral Ridge, a significant point is missed in both. These three men are representative of the new generation of evangelical leaders who are not taking up leadership in political and cultural crusades fought by their predecessors to change institutions and structures. Instead, all three are following a philosophy of changing the world through changing individuals.
Information from the Pew Forum, including names and brief information on board members.

On Feb. 5, 2009, two weeks after taking office, President Barack Obama signed an executive order establishing the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. The new office retains the basic administrative structure of President George W. Bush's White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives. The central White House office and satellite offices in 12 government agencies work together to encourage partnerships between the government and religious and community groups for the delivery of social services.

The White House office, led by executive director Joshua DuBois, has identified four primary goals:

”Connecting faith-based and community groups to economic recovery;
”Promoting interfaith dialogue and cooperation;
”Encouraging responsible fatherhood and healthy families;
”Reducing unintended pregnancies and the need for abortions, strengthening maternal and child health, and encouraging adoptions