Over the past months, I've posted several times on the ongoing problems within Mainline American Christianity. For example here and here and here. (The term itself is now out-of-date since these denominations have been losing strength both in relative and absolute terms since the 1960s.) Those in favor of liberalization of the church, which means for the mainline denominations those in the power positions, tend to refer to all fervent opposition to their agenda as schismatic. That is, they accuse their opponents of rending the Body of Christ by causing splits. But, who are the real schismatics? I would argue that it is those who break faith with historic Christianity who have split the church. Expressing this idea better than I can is the Bishop of the Diocese of San Joaquin, Episcopal, +John-David Schofield here. Read also the letter of support farther down the page from the Moscow Patriarchate.