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Category: Environment
Posted by: an okie gardener
Continuing the discussion from this post, photognome sends these links on ethanol and the rural economy.

Ethanol Boom Divides Farmers and Ranchers from WashPost

Rise in Ethanol Raises Concerns about Corn as a Food from NYTimes

Animal Fats Touted as Future Fuel Source from WashPost
Category: Environment
Posted by: an okie gardener
Recently I had a wide-ranging conversation with frequent commentor photognome. He raised some questions regarding hybrid cars. [typically cars that use both internal combustion engines and batteries, running sometimes on one, sometimes on the other].

He questions the actual environmental benefits from the hybrids. Batteries tend to be high impact on the environment, both in manufacture and beyond. [We and Europe have good environmental and OSHA regs in place for the manufacture and disposal of batteries, but where are the batteries being manufactured?]

And in case of wrecks? photognome reported that emergency responders he has talked with have expressed concern over the chemicals and current they may be getting into.

With new high-efficiency automotive diesels getting about 50 mpg, are these not a better choice than hybrids?

[Yes, I do think the question WWJD applies here. I cannot see Jesus tooling down the interstate at 80mph, by himself, in an SUV. How we relate to the environment is a Christian concern.]