As parents of an alumnus, we receive the Trinity University (San Antonio) magazine. In the recent issue the Economics faculty offered some thoughts I want to share.

The deficit keeps eating up money that otherwise goes into private investment. That means the capital stock is not going to grow. And if capital stock doesn't grow, then productivity doesn't grow, and that in turn means our standard of living is going to be much lower than it would be otherwise. Roger Spencer

A year from now we'll start hearing about the jobless recovery. Employment is always a lagging indicator, and especially so at this time. Once we start growing again, we have some fiscal time bombs: Medicare, the prescription benefit program, and Social Security, pretty much in that order. Jorge Gonzales

Politicians will say they believe that the capitalist system is the best system. But the truth is politicians do not have full faith in free enterprise and in the capitalist system. They believe they need to meddle; they believe that government needs to intervene in all things. Philip Cooley.

I can't find the magazine online to link to the full article. Here is the Trinity website, a school I am happy with as the parent.