Things are so bad for Hillary Clinton right now, even NPR is taking cheap shots.

NPR correspondent David Greene reported yesterday that the Clinton entourage recently descended upon an Iowa restaurant, sucked a heart-wrenching story out of a working-mother waitresses, quickly added it to Hillary's stump speech, and then "stiffed" the waitress.

"No Tip!"

The story was picked up everywhere, and even made it to the top of the Drudge Report (an unusual occurrence for an NPR story, to say the least).

But today David Greene is craw-fishing. Maybe there was a tip. The Clinton Campaign says there was definitely a tip--and a big one, $100. Already Team Clinton has proven some inaccuracies in the NPR story. They have credit card receipts and eyewitnesses who remember a big tip for the entire staff. The plot thickens, and this morning, on air, David Greene admits his lack of due diligence. Maybe he should have done a bit more investigating, he admits. Interesting.

An Aside: Last March I offered a post commenting on NPR coverage of a George Bush event, which began:

"Today, however, Morning Edition's David Greene orchestrated a gratuitously misleading characterization of the President's press conference yesterday that deserves notice."

I went on to detail several noteworthy inaccuracies and disingenuous representations of what transpired. I was the only one, evidently, who pushed back on that story.

My full post here.

One lesson from all this: David Greene seems a bit sloppy in his zeal for a good story.

Another lesson: you can take a shot at the Bushies and get a good laugh out of it without much fear of reprisal. Not so for the Clintons. If you go into battle against Hillary and company, you better be loaded for bear and well-girded.

The Clintons push back.