From the Washington Post:

"The [Cuban] National Assembly bypassed a younger generation of politicians and named Fidel Castro's brother, Raúl, as president [on Sunday]...."

"The unanimous decision dealt a blow to Cubans who had hoped Sunday would mark a dramatic change of direction for the island nation ruled for nearly five decades by Fidel Castro, 81, who announced Tuesday that he was stepping down after a long illness."

"Raúl Castro, 76, promised to complete his brother's work...."

"{The Assembly named] José Ramón Machado Ventura, 77, as vice president, who fought with the Castro brothers during the Cuban Revolution."

1. So much for a "change you can believe in" for Cuba.

2. These guys make John McCain seem positively youthful.

One other note: according to NPR reporting, the initial announcement regarding Fidel's retirement appeared only in the single state-owned newspaper. Moreover, the announcement was exclusive to the online version of the organ--which was fine--except the internet is forbidden for regular Cubans.

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