According to the Denver Post, the coronor has ruled that the man found dead in that Denver hotel room, Saleman Abdirahman Dirie, committed suicide using cyanide.

Story here.

Here is the dubious statement:

Police have said Dirie's death was an isolated incident and unconnected with the upcoming Democratic convention.

Boy does this statement not pass the smell test. Someone(s) is blowing it out the wrong orifice.

1. It is way too early even for an intense investigation to make such a determination. The FBI, even with its immense resouces, cannot in a matter of days definitively rule out conspiracy and possible connections to the Democratic Convention

2. By the accounts previously published, Dirie did not have the money either to buy a pound of sodium cyanide, or stay at a luxury hotel. Where did he get the money?

3. Is it pure happenstance that the man found dead, with cyanide, in the city hosting the Democratic Party convention, was Muslim?

4. Why would this man from Somalia, residing in Canada, go to Denver rather that some other city, perhaps Detroit? What was the attraction of Denver in August?

5. If suicide was intended by Dirie all along, why so much cyanide, in Denver, in August?

(Thanks to the Washington Post for linking to my previous post.)