15 September 2012

Dear Friends,

After many years, the Bosque Boys is back on the air. The story of our extended hiatus is a bit underwhelming and probably not quite post worthy. Having said that, TBB is back. Most important to me, a precious archive has been restored. I am gratified to read over the body of work that this blog represents. At the risk of sounding immodest, I think we often got some things right. What to expect going forward? Most people say a viable blog must issue new material daily. A great blog more often than that. I often failed in producing a quality piece (or any piece) every day, but the amount of time I spent on the effort was tremendous. I am in a different place now in my career and my personal life. I have no intention of trying to blog daily or break into the world of political commentary. From time to time, I will offer a few succinct thoughts and observations. For any of you who might find this blog again: welcome back. It is good to be with you once again.

A Waco Farmer