Today (Sunday, May 21) the Waco Tribune-Herald published a portion of my piece on the Waco Horror (read it here) extracted from the fuller blog piece that appeared earlier in the month. The piece underwent a fairly heavy edit from the Trib , which probably improved it stylistically, and certainly freshened it up (a lot had happened since I wrote it two weeks ago).

You will note that the introductory narrative of the event and the portion asking that the pain of the Fryer family not be forgotten were forgotten. But the essence of the piece remained in tact.

The Waco Horror continues to interest a national audience. Here is a very limited sampling of some of the national news organizations that have covered the story recently:

NPR (last weekend): Waco Recalls a 90-Year-Old 'Horror'

The Washington Post (in late April): In Waco, a Push To Atone for The Region's Lynch-Mob Past

Fox News (May 16): Group Denounces Lynchings 90 Years After 'Waco Horror'